Internet Cafe

Rawai Internet Cafe


Are you here on holiday or doing some work online here in Rawai, Phuket, Thailand and need a super fast internet connection to upload or download large files in a short space of time? Come on down to Alan’s and leech off some of his bandwidth!

rawai internet cafe phuket thailand
We have a 200m Download speed and a 50m upload speed. The Wifi card on this laptop had hit it’s download peak!

Cyber Cafe Rawai

Come and visit our Super fast speed Cyber cafe in Phuket!

If you are needing superfast internet speed in Phuket to upload High Definition HD video to Youtube or your website you are welcome to use our 50Megabit upload and 200Megabit (50m/200m) fibre-optic broadband speed, complimentary to all our customers!

We are proud to have the fastest internet connection in Nai Harn, Rawai. Phuket!